Waste of Time II

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Instructions and other stuff

Ah! You're back....good. Another 8 levels to go through.....some people thought the first game took longer than 5 minutes to complete....this one might take 6 minutes.....this time: numbers. I know how you guys love numbers!  No source code clues or special software is needed, just find the pattern in the text and find the answer.....it might be text or numerals.......no capitals in the answer though.

My thanks go to Mtatt and Donas for testing and all the support from my EG24 Chat family, Feline for putting up with me and of course, thanks to the people who make EG24 the best games website in the world:

Escaper, Megipoland and Shuchun

Now, enough talk, you know what I am about to say...

Good luck and have fun!